I don’t know about you, but the about pages are my first stop on any website. I want to see the people behind the machine. Because that’s where any company, technology, or community on the web really begins. With the people.

So with that – hi!

I’m a technology and communications enthusiast who’s made a living for 20 odd years out of passion, trust, and understanding. That’s right. No degree or insane natural skill got me where I am today – simply a passion for sharing ideas and knowledge, using trust as the foundation for my relationships with others, and my belief that understanding people–really understanding them–unlocks immense potential for all of us.

I’ve used these cornerstones to rise through the corporate ranks of many large companies and build successful followings with a few of my own small ventures.

What I’m working on right now:

Avvy.Pro – a professional performance platform for lawyers that was borne from my years of experience gained working with legal regulators. It currently supports 40,000 lawyers in the state of Colorado, as part of the Supreme Court’s proactive self-assessment program, and we hope it will grow to help many more.

Vyvaco.com – a shockingly high number of professionals don’t have succession plans to protect their clients, their practice, and ultimately their family in the event they get hit by a bus. Vyva is out to change that by making creating succession plans easier. (note: this will likely be integrated into Avvy.Pro)

Standpointdecisions.com – Professional regulatory bodies are under stakeholder pressure to evolve. Standpoint is a partnership consultancy made up of myself and Dr. Steven F. Wilson. Together we bring scientifically rigorous, evidence-based decision strategies and predictive analysis to help regulators make defensible decisions in the face of uncertainty.

My Linkedin profile is a good next stop if you’re interested in my professional background, and you can read my ramblings at some of the other links below.

You can download a current CV in PDF format here.

Thanks for dropping by.



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  1. And that’s the very best way to live, through passion. Whatever someone does with passion is easily going to the heart and lives therefore even of people not specifically interested in “your subject” That’s the magic about it all. Keep going! Just one soul, surfing the internet who got your message. Greets from Argentina.

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