Circus runaway

Last time we took our daughter to Cirque she was an embryo. She’s getting more out of it this time.



Caterpillar Hospital

My daughter found a hurt, waterlogged caterpillar in the backyard yesterday. I think it was dead, but I couldn't bring myself to wreck the rescue effort.

She built a "caterpillar hospital", using her vast knowledge base on what caterpillars like. I think it's great.

There's architect written all over this kid.

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Dreams come true


I travelled thousands of miles each summer as a kid, to reach the ocean for two weeks of bliss. There was no where in the world I wanted to be more, and I vowed to my parents that when I reached legal age I was going to live on the ocean.

Well, I waited a little longer than 18 years before doing it, and now I watch my own two growing up on the water, not realizing yet just how magical a place they have.

I know they will one day, and for that I’m grateful. It’s like a little secret right before their eyes that someday they’ll see (when they leave it most likely)


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