Dhaka commute

This is how I roll right now in Dhaka. Driver picks me up in the morning, blazes me across the city to the office dodging countless pedestrians, rickshaws, busses, and mini-taxis, trying to drive as fast as he possibly can while continuously honking his horn.

I swear the whole 20 minute drive is just like these 30 secs of video.

Craziest road shit I have EVER experienced.

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Dad's first vehicle


My Dad got his first vehicle, a bicycle, at 21 years old. Single speed, he’d ride that thing 100 miles across the rolling English country side to go visit family, or a “lady friend”.

He always scoffed at me and my friends and our plans for the day made 5 minutes out on the phone.

“In my day,” he’d say, “we didn’t have phones, so when you made a plan 2 weeks out to meet your mate on the corner of this street at that time, you were there dammit, unless you were in the hospital”

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