War child

My father was a child of about 13 during the second world war. He worshipped planes, and had an insatiable interest in learning about them. This was one of his sketches from that time. He eventually went on to a long and fruitful career as a technical illustrator for several aeronautical manufacturers.

Plane-3_michael_sims Plane-1_michael_sims Plane-2_michael_sims

Dhaka commute

This is how I roll right now in Dhaka. Driver picks me up in the morning, blazes me across the city to the office dodging countless pedestrians, rickshaws, busses, and mini-taxis, trying to drive as fast as he possibly can while continuously honking his horn.

I swear the whole 20 minute drive is just like these 30 secs of video.

Craziest road shit I have EVER experienced.

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